This classification is for narrative purposes only, most of these non-academic extra curricular activities have an academic influence on the student as well.

    Our Sunday school is actively involved in charity work. For example during the Lent of 2009, the students were asked to donate money that they earned from doing household chores. Parents were told to give them small chores (every day during the Lent) in the house (such as cleaning a room, make their bed etc) and pay them $0.25 to maximum $1.00 based on the nature of the chore. The idea behind it was to make them understand the importance of work and learn about the gift of giving the hard-earned income to charity. Parents were asked not to give them free easy money, but make them work for it. Children were so enthusiastic about this and worked really hard for this objective that we collected $365.00 and the money was sent to an orphanage in Kerala. The next year we had a successful food drive fund raising conducted mainly for meeting our Sunday school expenses. We will have several of such activities organized more often in the future for charity work, especially to help the poor children in Kerala by extending a helping hand to those children who do not have the means and financial support to be in school.

    During the Lent in 2010, we had conducted a Lenten program in Brampton. We had about 5 different churches participated in the event. Our Sunday school played a major role in this event by preparing all the lessons for all classes and all the Bible skits and Bible games for that program.

    Sunday School



      Every year we conduct VBS. Based on the VBS theme for that year, we select the venues. The success of our VBS had gone beyond our borders and the zonal churches used our VBS theme and incorporated the way we conducted our VBS with theirs in Detroit in the year 2010. We thus had tremendous success in organizing the VBS in Detroit for all the churches in the eastern region of North America including Canada. Not only that our church was leading the programs in the Zonal conference in Detroit in 2010, our Sunday school students participated in cultural programs as well in the zonal conference. Everyone who was there said in one voice that Bible games presented before the audience was awesome, the skit our children performed was the best. All the churches praised our Sunday school for its involvement with organizing the event.

      During the Silver Jubilee family conference in New Jersey, our Sunday school organized the VBS Bible games/Quiz for the event. Our Sunday school also participates in the Kerala Christian Ecumenical programs every year.

      We conduct all these activities to make Sunday school fun and interesting which will inspire students to come to church every Sunday. Our experience is that students who excel in Sunday school do remarkably well in their mainstream academic school activities as well.


      Our Sunday school is growing day by day from strength to strength. We achieved everything possible not by our merits, but through God’s Grace. Special thanks go towards our Jose Achen who has been very instrumental in his support towards the Sunday school. Without Achen’s leadership, advice and prayers, we wouldn’t be where we are today. We also acknowledge and congratulate our Sunday school teachers for their dedication and enthusiasm in carrying out their teaching duties. We also would like to mention the extraordinary support the parents have given to St. Peter’s Sunday school.

      Why our Sunday school was a success story in all these years was mostly due to the dedication of our Sunday school students. Though they are few in numbers, our students are the best in whatever they do, not only in our Sunday school but beyond our Church. Our Sunday school students will remain as the true ambassadors of our Church.